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Angel Reiki Bear

These angel bears have been reiki charged for healing and comfort by the staff and guests at The Hea…

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Raven Cards Oracle

The raven has always played a guiding role in myth and legend. The Raven Cards reveal insightful mes…

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A small Business creating ease and peace in The Merriman Valley

The Healing Brew LLLC in collaboration with Access Consciousness® celebrates its 9th Annual Global A

Bryan Peters
Jan 11th 2022

Global Access Bars Day

What is Access Bars (r)? Bars are 32 points on the head, accessed by light touch to free us up from

Michael Black
Jan 11th 2022

Happy New Year 2022

What's in store now for your new year? Time now to step into you and your power!Now is a time t

Rev. Michael Black
Jan 6th 2022