The Brew Crew Story, 2nd Year Anniversary

The Healing Brew on Jun 3rd 2021

The Healing Brew LLC in Akron’s Merriman Valley, located at 1672 Merriman Rd Akron Ohio, is proud to be celebrating its 2nd anniversary and is inviting Ohioans as their guests of honor for their birthday weekend. The Healing Brew will be having a vendor mart, featuring local artists including Souler Spirit Concepts, 13th Moons, Bella Fae Designs, One with the Owl and many other local metaphysical businesses and mini psychic fair. As part of the festivities The Healing Brew LLC will be gifting 50 free mini sessions of Access Consciousness Bars © a $35 Value, to help guests relax, remove limitations, sleep better, and naturally address issues of depression, self-esteem, PTSD, and OCD. How does it get any better than this? © When Psychic Medium & Partner of The Healing Brew LLC was asked what it meant to teach folks about the world of metaphysics Stephanie replied “We should all be teaching our next generation what we know for them to be able to apply it for their continuous evolution. Our history shouldn't define who we are today. But as elders of many cultures, we teach to learn, to grow and thrive and evolve to new and better ways of being and to allow and accept change in all ways of life. Elders need to be open to that also. Storytelling is for learning and to not make the same mistake twice.” Bryan Peters, Psychic Medium & Master Herbalist is better known behind the counter mixing teas and offering tea readings. Whereas Michael Black, Access Consciousness Bars and Facelift facilitator ©, is busy facilitating Bars classes and Energetic Facelift classes, offering clients the opportunity to change back the hands of time and stop judging themselves about the aging process. Mike Says “Why should you age gracefully when you can remove judgement, limitations and expectations on what it means to age and see real world, physical results”. Shane is busy offering his patented double exposures where he is able to take photos of loved ones, pets and create amazing works of arts to honor loved ones in spirit. The Healing brew located at 1672 Merriman Rd is Ohio’s only metaphysical tea house offering tea readings, local professional psychics and mediumship readings, Energy work and much more. Owners Steph Alison, Bryan Peters, Michael Black and Shane Miklos are proud to be in an environment where individuals are encouraged to be weird, strange and be themselves without judgements. The Healing Brew offers classes and other special events. To find out more please contact the Healing Brew at 234-678-0380