Calling All Angels Sacred Spray

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The Calling All Angels Spray is one of the four Sacred Space Sprays. It helps you to contact the love, guidance, and protection of the angelic realm and brings a soft, loving, serene energy into your heart, physical body, and environment.

The Calling All Angels Spray contains the combination Calling All Angels, complemented by essential oils of Bulgarian Red Rose Otto, carnation, alpine lavender, and pink grapefruit which promote the release of tension, and help us open our heart to the love of the angels. Use the Calling All Angels Spray whenever you want to bring a very sacred and peaceful energy into your living environment. Children love to spray their rooms before going to bed to create a feeling of protection and to ensure deep, restful sleep.
For external use only.


***You are responsible for your own personal health and spiritual well-being. No information contained here should take place of any medical professional.  If you have any questions, or any adverse effects feel free to contact the shop 234-678-0380 or Call 911 if it is an emergency.***

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