Pregnancy Support Gem Elixir

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Pregnancy Support’s primary action is to help the mother-to-be meet the physical, emotional and mental challenges that can  arise during this life-changing event. It enables help to mothers who themselves suffered from a traumatic birth to heal this trauma so they can offer a stronger body/soul connection to  their babies.

* Support developing energetic triad with mother, father and baby.

* Support mother’s connection to Earth for nurturing their family.

Pregnancy Support is composed of the following essences: Balsam Poplar, Bog, Devil's Club, Diopside, Emerald, Grove Sandwort, Ladies' Mantle, Northern Lady's Slipper.


***You are responsible for your own personal health and spiritual well-being. No information contained here should take place of any medical professional.  If you have any questions, or any adverse effects feel free to contact the shop 234-678-0380 or Call 911 if it is an emergency.***

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